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'History doesn't get much more readable.'

New York Daily News

'Dash writes with unabashedly cinematic flair, backed by meticulous research.'

New York Times

''Dash writes the best kind of history: detailed, imaginative storytelling founded on vast knowledge.'

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

'Dash captures the reader with narrative based on dogged research, more richly evocative of character and place than any fiction, and so well written he is impossible to put down.'

The Australian

'Up-close, personal, and full of you-are-there detail... Dash is that rarity: a perfectionist in his research and a writer who perfectly carves out his story with a pen as sharp as a stiletto.'

Toronto Globe and Mail

'Fascinating… tantalizing… richly researched… This is what history writing should be.'

Boston Phoenix

'An indefatigable researcher with a prodigious descriptive flair.'

Sunday Telegraph

'Dash has an unusual talent for the telling detail... His prose is precise, functional – but beautiful.'

La Nueva España

‘Dash peppers his fascinating story with anecdotes and pictures that bring it alive... his account reads like a thriller.’

            South China Morning Post

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