Readers on Tulipomania

‘One of the best-written history books you'll read… Very highly recommended indeed, to all lovers of good history.’
Joe Kransky on

‘One of the first mini-non-fiction books (books on narrow topics) that I ever bought; this one had been sitting on the to-be-read pile forever, which was a horrific oversight on my part. I loved what I learned from this book - I now actually understand futures markets and how they work. Dash does a great job of introducing factual information in a logical, connected fashion.’

‘I have read, or attempted to read, some books on this fascinating period of history that have nearly put me to sleep. Tulipomania by Mike Dash captures the essence of what makes the history of this plant so irresistible. He doesn’t get overly bogged down with dates and names. He presents some of the technical details of the plant without using technical terms the average reader wouldn’t appreciate. He paints a colorful picture of personalities, historical towns and, palaces that reads like a novel. However, unlike many novels, this book leaves the reader with many thought provoking questions. The reader is left pondering human social behavior, values, and the prostitution of nature. While enjoyable, this is anything but an empty, pass the time, light reading book. This book should be mandatory reading for all high school students. Mike Dash relays this fascinating saga so clearly; virtually everyone who reads this book will be forever touched.’
Anonymous customer review on

‘A ridiculously fun read, especially since Dash doesn't focus entirely on the Dutch passion for tulips; the chapters on the Ottoman empire were equally interesting.’
Emily on

‘A remarkably entertaining cultural history… Dash has done his research remarkably well, and he conveys his research in a way that is both erudite and charming. I heartily recommend.’
Falco Gingrich on

‘Mike Dash relays this fascinating saga so clearly; virtually everyone who reads this book will be forever touched.’
Rebecca Green,

‘I read this when it was published and, when one of my own entries brought it up as a suggested book, my heart gave a flop, remembering how much I enjoyed it… Such a refreshing and compelling read!! I cannot think of anyone who would not enjoy it mightily!!
Lynn Marie on

‘This ground-breaking work explores an infamous event in new depth and reads like an adventure novel. Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in almost anything – it's that eclectic in its narrative scope.’
Lynn Hughes on

'Explaining how the tulip entranced Europe and then, for a few heady, crazy months created speculators, fortunes and eventually failure is not an easy task, but Dash does it with an entertaining tone in plain English.  He takes apart the myths of the 'Bulb Bubble' - the first recorded financial 'bubble' in history, and tells a tale of speculators dealing nights in smoky taverns, of the 'myths' created around deals of bulbs that captured the imagination of rich and poor alike.

'The lure of tulips is clearly explained, the difficulties in growing the perfect bloom and the desires of the rich for the perfectionof beauty displayed in the 'flared' varieties. The epitomy of perfection was the Semper Augustus, its veined petals created by a virus...

'Enlightening and revealing – this book has it all (including the Ottoman emperors, their twisted desires, and gardeners doubling as executioners.)'
Pritcilla, Manukau Libraries, New Zealand